We work with enthusiam and passion!


Industry expertise

We work with enthusiasm and passion to ensure that customers enjoy the product even more.

We put our heart and soul into supplying system components. As a supplier, we develop and produce numerous products from the materials wire, steel, sheet metal, wood and plastic for demanding sectors and industries in any real net output ratio. Here, the focus is always on the wishes and requirements of our customers.


Vauth-Sagel is one of the leading suppliers on the kitchen supplier market on a national and international stage. Today, more than 7,500 product variations are produced, impressively documenting the many possible applications of the materials wire, steel, sheet metal, wood and plastic, as well as their possible combinations.

Medical / Care

Medical and care technology demand an especially high safety standard, particularly in terms of precision, as the health of each patient is at stake. Prominent clients rely on our operational excellence in this sector.


For decades now it has been our practice as well as one of our strengths to develop production-ready products in close consultation with our customers. These are then manufactured and further improved in-house, without loss of time.


Vauth-Sagel develops and produces system components for a broad palette of applications. Market-oriented solutions that can be individually implemented for each client and which complete our portfolio.


As specialists in intelligent storage solutions we can provide the caravaning sector with a whole range of products that entirely meet comfort and design requirements as well as safety standards.

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