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Solutions for living environments

In addition to the traditional living environments of the kitchen, bathroom, living room and bedroom, the transitions between living spaces are becoming more fluid: a kitchen is no longer just a place for cooking, but the centre of people’s social life. The “front parlour” for Sundays has had its day – living rooms are now there for living in around the clock. Altered living spaces mean space for change – this is why, in our product development, we at Vauth-Sagel no longer think only in terms of kitchen or bathroom cabinets, but in terms of living spaces.

Many people wish for more individuality. We'll give it to you.


These days, the focal point of the home, and historically the core area for Vauth-Sagel‘s products, is the kitchen. Open plan kitchens that seamlessly merge into other living spaces continue to be an important trend. Many people prefer coordinated home concepts with elements, colours and shapes that are repeated throughout.

We have therefore transferred our design range Planero to other living spaces as well and offer removable cabinet interior organisation elements that can also be used in other areas of the home. Wide pull-outs that provide a lot of storage space and create visually calm fronts are an increasingly popular choice.

Living room

Directly next to the kitchen is the living space that is at the heart of every home: the living room, where the family socialises, relaxes or has friends and relatives around. Vauth-Sagel offers comfort solutions for the room‘s various functions that meet the varying needs of the people who use it and make a cosy atmosphere even more relaxing.


Besides a living and kitchen area that tends to be cosy and projects
our personal taste, there is an increasing need for an internal zone
dedicated to the storage of supplies and home appliances. The new,
more compact living concepts lack the storage space usually offered
by a basement, garage or workshop. Vauth-Sagel therefore not only
shows design-focused features for the adjacent kitchen area but also
practical and functional solutions from our wire portfolio.


The focus is increasingly on the bathroom, which is now more of a private spa and much cosier overall. It is transforming into an area in the home where people spend more time to pamper body and soul. However, functionality is still an important aspect, as is taking the long-term perspective when it comes to bathroom design. It is a good idea to consider old age and the impaired mobility that may be associated with it right from the outset. Our comfort systems can offer important components in this respect as they can provide storage that is not only hygienic and practical but also reachable and accessible and can be adapted to the changing circumstances and requirements of its users.

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