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Kitchen Innovation Award 2023

VS TOP® Down wins top award!



Frankfurt, 04/02/2023 – The unique VS TOP® Down drop-down unit has won theGolden Award – Best of the Best in the Kitchen Furniture and Equipment Category. Expert jury and consumers agree: When it comes to ergonomically difficult-to-access wall unit areas, this system sets new standards! The VS TOP® Down stands out for its functionality, innovation, product benefits, design and ergonomics.

When it comes to kitchen appliances and furnishings, which manufacturer or brand is most consumer-oriented? Which products do consumers consider to be particularly innovative and helpful? Answers to these questions are provided by the Kitchen Innovation Award, a globally recognised consumer prize that is awarded annually. “We are particularly proud of this award because it shows the full extent of our innovative strength,” says Georg Wittenbrink, Head of Product Management and Design. Managing Director Claus Sagel adds: “We want to make people’s everyday lives easier in all areas, and this product is a big part of that.” Rarely used items tucked away in the back of the wall unit are probably one of the biggest challenges in the kitchen. Depending on your age and height, these are often out of reach. Balancing on your tiptoes or trying to use a stepladder is a thing of the past thanks to VS TOP® Down. Just a light pull on the handle element is enough to bring the elegant stainless steel shelf forward out of the wall unit and make its contents easily accessible. Here, too, the motto is: “The unreachable becomes easy” – entirely in line with the universal design principle advocated by Vauth-Sagel.

But the jury also recognised other benefits of the product: With VS TOP® Down, the space underneath the shelf can still be used. VS TOP® Down is easy to retrofit and can be used with both wall units with double doors and gas strut hinges. In addition, the shelf can be easily configured: Thanks to the manual spring force setting, constantly moderated drop-down movement is guaranteed and functionality in the kitchen is significantly improved.

The selection process for the award once again illustrates that the most successful products must not only score highly in one category, but also meet the needs of consumers at different levels. In particular, concepts that focus on the needs of our society are becoming increasingly popular. The jury therefore awarded VS TOP® Down full marks.

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