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Finding instead of searching

Storage space solutions for all areas of life

Upgrade storage space with the intelligent pull-out solutions offered by Vauth-Sagel.

Do you agree that storage space is a precious commodity that should be used in the best possible way? That nobody should have to crawl into the furthest corner of a cabinet? That everything you need on an everyday basis should be neatly stowed away and within easy reach? 

Then you have come to the right place. 

We produce storage space solutions with attractive designs which make life more convenient. Instead of wasting valuable time searching for things, we can help you to concentrate on the things that are truly important in life.

At a glance

Discover our product worlds

VS SUB® – solutions for base units

VS ADD® – practical helpers

VS COR® – solutions for corner units

VS ENVI® – waste sorting systems

VS TAL® – solutions for tall units

VS TOP® - solutions for wall units


Experience our products in your living space

Changed habitats mean scope for change. That's why at Vauth-Sagel we don't just think in terms of kitchens or utility rooms, but living spaces.

Choose your living space and be inspired by our creative storage space solutions.

The kitchen, and thus Vath-Sagel’s core product area, is at the heart of living nowadays.

Not only is it a place where we meet up with family and friends to cook and eat together. This is also where the best parties take place and often the kitchen counter doubles as a desk when working from home.

Whether laundry room, storage room, broom closet, pantry or storage cellar - as a specialist for innovative storage space solutions, we have innovative solutions in our programme that help to furnish the utility area in a functional and space-saving way.

Excellent design is the basis

Discover the design variant of your choice here

Our systemic solutions work like a modular system – using our shelf designs, you can define your personal look for your cabinet interiors. 


Planero – Storage design for those who love aesthetics

Planero ensures that high-quality kitchen design continues seamlessly inside and that the interior and the exterior merge into a consistent whole. The high-quality storage product line with a soft, rounded design makes it possible for you to express your individuality. 

  • Closed storage shelf with elegant sheet metal edge
  • Sealing strip all the way round the wooden shelf 
  • Concealed basket brackets

Premea – Timeless design for sophisticated kitchens

This timeless shelf version upgrades any cabinet interior with a solid wood shelf with an elegant wire guard rail. The wooden shelf offers an optimum base for safely storing everything that's in daily use.

  • Timeless design 
  • High-quality, elegant wire guard rail
  • Solid wooden shelf for reliable stability

Classic - Popular classic for excellent order

Classic is the name of our classic wire storage basket range. Ideally suited to the utility room area, but also suitable for use in the kitchen, Classic adds exemplary stability, order and air circulation to any cabinet.

  • Classic wire basket storage shelf
  • Outstanding stability yet light-weight
  • Improves air circulation and transparency

Saphir - A gem in terms of aesthetics and functionality

This fine mesh wire basket shelf offers a unique look and a stability that can easily cope with any kind of load. 

  • Fine mesh wire basket shelf
  • Exclusive construction method for excellent stability
  • Ensures air circulation and transparency

Essentio – Pure steel. Pure style.

Essentio is characterised by its purist design. The monochrome collection stands out for its consistent use of materials in high-quality, bevelled sheet steel with a clean, linear design language. The closed shelf elements are reduced to the essentials. This design pared down to the essentials is where “Essentio” gets its name. The delicate metal rail ensures optimal utilisation of the space. This creates scope for individual organisation and storage solutions, and is compatible with the flat design of other interior organisation systems.

  • Closed metal shelf variant, made of bevelled sheet steel, in a pure and timeless design

  • Uniform look in the interior
  • Aesthetically reduced to the essentials

  • Thin walls to maximise interior space

  • Includes non-slip mat


Innovative products for tomorrow

As a family company
with a 60-year tradition, our responsibility towards people and the environment is inseparable from our economic success.
As part of our product development, we take care to use raw materials intelligently and to make our contribution to a clean climate. Our system components are manufactured from various materials that can be separated by type, and redirected almost 100% to a sustainable recycling system at their end of life. All the steel products we produce can be recycled without loss of quality, meaning they are valuable raw materials. All plastic components as well as the bins in our VS ENVI® waste sorting systems are up to 100% recyclable and – depending on colour – are manufactured using up to 100% recyclate. By launching our new platinum colour variant, a robust powder-coated surface, we will be offering an environmentally-friendly alternative to chrome in the future.

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